2019 Polar Plunge Cape Girardeau

The Belly Whoppers

Let me just say THANK YOU right now for all the support from 2007 to 2018!

The Belly Whoppers turn 13 in 2019! It is hard to believe that I formed this team nearly 13 years ago. Although our faces have changed from year to year, I am back to lead The Belly Whoppers for the 13th time!

Please join me in raising funds for the Missouri Special Olympics by making a donation TODAY! It may be 90+ degrees outside now, come February it is going to be "a bit" chillier!

All donations go to support the AWESOME and COURAGEOUS athletes across the great State of Missouri.
Please head on over to our team page and contribute to our other team members, including my 14 year old son who is about to plunge for the 6th time, Rylan who is going to be making his 2nd trip into the freezing water, and my wife Courtney who (some how) is about to do this for the 9th time!!!!

Thanks much,

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